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Quilt Mercantile--This week--Hands ON Longarm education with Adam & Micki

Adam and Micki ARE BACK at Quilt Mercantile this week-- February 6th-11th.  We are super excited to have THE BEST Handi Quilter educators coming to share their knowledge and their fun friendly personalities.   February 10th and 11th two day class is very basic for people who do not own a Handi Quilter long arm machine and want to see what all the fuss is about!  Do you have a friend that is interested in a long arm?  Do they come play on yours?  Be a great friend and let them know the dealer they pick is EXTREMELY important.  From setting up the machine, phone support, facetime support, & servicing—where you buy is super important.  We were just awarded our 9TH HQ Way Award 2022.  Being a Handi Quilter dealer for 14+ years; we are the place to buy even if our location is hours away.  (We do have a couple beds available at our retreat center for small price if you need a place to stay overnight)  If you don't own and long arm and want to try it out in a fun environment--Come with a friend and share a machine--Two for the price of one!  Cost is $149 for two days.

 Wed. Feb 8th class--$75. 

The second option we have for anyone that doesn’t own a machine or an owner that needs the experience repeating the process through a whole quilt top—bring a lap size quilt and quilt it in a day using the Handi Quilter computerized Pro Stitcher on Wednesday February 8th!  Cheaper than paying a long arm quilter, get it done, AND see how you like quilting your own project.  Bring a top and complete in a day on the longarm.  No skills required.  You pick a design, follow instructor directions, and the machine will do the hard work for you!  Non-owner friendly.  space limited. Link to class info:    

The classes below are geared for quilters who already own a Handi Quilter long arm. Every class you will learn something from these two very experienced educators!  All of these classes are designed to help you try new things, get more experience with your machine, and to have some fun while learning.   Here is what we  have in place currently:

Tues Feb 7th AM  (For the two classes on Feb. 7th--$140 to do both)ONE SPACE LEFT--email tonight 
Couched pillow project with Adam as lead educator and Micki is the backup! SURPRISE!  If you follow Adam at all on his social media, you know how much he likes to try new things.  This class is a fun, low-stress project where he can give you some tips and tricks to make quick pillows on your long arm.  Great gifts and also a way to customize your household decorations.  Beginner friendly. $75. Link to class info:

Tues Feb 7th PM   ONE SPACE LEFT--email tonight
Bag project with Micki as lead educator and Adam is the backup! Mix it up a big and make a bag on the long arm.  Fun tips along the way.  Beginner friendly. $75. Link to class info:


Thurs Feb 9th 9-4-$75.

Quilting with Rulers can be oh so rewarding!  Expand your knowledge beyond the basics of pantograph quilting.  From simple to exquisite—rulers are your key to custom quilting.  Straight lines are a breeze.  Feathers become easier to keep proportional.  If you have a vision of how you want to quilt your project---there is a ruler out there to help you accomplish your vision.   In the afternoon we with have Pinch of Pro Stitcher  —make a custom design with rulers using the record button and repeat it in multiple blocks/borders/corners etc.  WOW!  Rulers and record give you the power to design your own block pattern when you can't find that perfect design.  Learn more:

To reserve your spot, call the store with CC info or we can send you a Venmo pay request if you let us know via reply to this email.

PLEASE SHARE our Facebook post about this event to your Facebook page/friends:    We want to continue to have Adam and Micki to our small town.  You never know who has been thinking about a long arm.  Help them pick the right product—Handi Quilter and the right dealer—Quilt Mercantile.  If you have a Handi Quilter machine and you want to upgrade or add the Pro Stitcher to you existing unit; this HQ event is the perfect time.  We can offer the best price because we place a “bulk order” and can get the best pricing from corporate during this event.  Thank you for being a Quilt Mercantile customer and continuing to invest in yourself with Quilt Mercantile by improving your skills!

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