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Longarm ruler work with Jackie Brown

Rulers can be used to create a design or as a base for a design with some free motion quilting.

  1.      Jackie's tips for successful quilting
  2.      Why we use the ruler base and how to hold the ruler while quilting
  3.      Using the registration marks on the ruler as a guide
  4.      Stitching in the ditch
  5.      Straight ruler for crosshatching, piano keys, triangles inside triangles
  6.      Curve ruler for curved crosshatching
  7.      Versa tool ruler
  8.      Clam Shell ruler
  9.      Wave D ruler ( stems and more)
  10.      Circle ruler


  1.      Small lap quilt size top
  2.      Backing – needs to be 6 inches larger than the top on all 4 sides
  3.      Batting – Same size as the backing
  4.      Omni Thread – your choice of color
  5.      Bobbin – same color thread
  6.      Scissors
  7.      Bring any rulers you have that you want to learn how to use
  8.      Note pad and pen
Cost: $ FREE
$99 Class Fee - Supplies additional - see supply list below