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Getting comfortable using Pro-Stitcher!

Custom and edge-to-edge quilting is accurate, perfect, and easy!  This user-friendly program allows you to quilt complex designs on your quilt with ease.  Select a design, change it, make it fit, and position it exactly where you want it. 

Sandy will assist you every step of the way in planning an edge-to-edge design.  You will stitch it out, and then use drag and drop to reposition your design and stitch the next row.  It’s amazing!

Be prepared to learn the basics of Pro-Stitcher and start your remarkable journey with Pro-Stitcher.

            Then, Karen will teach you how to have no fear using Pro-Stitcher.  Have a thread break during quilting?  No fear!  You will learn how to quickly and accurately reposition your design to continue quilting.  Shutting down in the middle of a quilting job?  No fear!  Repositioning is easy and simple.  Do you like to stitch in the ditch of a block, sashing, or border?  No Fear!  You will learn how to precisely stitch in the ditch or around other areas, like applique.

Would you like to stitch a secret message onto a quilt?   You will create a special message in your ‘handwriting’ to stitch onto a quilt. 

Class price is $99. Combine with Wednesday March 20th class and get both days for $149!

Cost: $ 99.00