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Let's make it easy to dive into Designer software!


Let’s make it easy to dive into Designer software!

Learn how to create your own quilt design using Pro-Stitcher Designer.  Using this user friendly, intuitive software, you will quickly acquire the skill to personalize your quilting designs.  Add that final touch to your quilts.  Create and easily make changes to quilt designs that you create!  Adapt an existing design to fit your quilt.  It’s very simple and easy with Sandy guiding you all the way.

Load a picture of your quilt top (Sandy will provide this) into Designer and learn how to plan your quilting.   You will see firsthand what a design will look like on your quilt top – even down to the thread color!

You will also go home knowing where to find resources to refresh your memory of what you learned in class.  This is an amazing program to personalize your quilting…make it your own!


Designer & Pro Stitcher: Fine Tune a Design for a Perfect Fit

Uniqueshapes, like a double wedding ring block, may require more editing than the Pro-Stitcher tablet can easily accommodate.  Learn how to take a digital design and area into Designer software, edit for a more perfect fit, and return to Pro-Stitcher for stitching.  Make custom quilting easy by using this amazing program!

Pricing is $99, combine with class on Thursday March 21st and get both days for $149!

Note:  Prior to these classes, Designer software needs to be installed onto your laptop or tablet.  A free simulator version is available if you haven’t already purchased the program.  This version allows you to practice but does not allow you to save any of your work. has step-by-step instructions.  Put in a ticket on their website for questions regarding installation.



Cost: $ 99.00