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Embrilliance Essentials Workshop

Embrilliance Workshop - Do you have Essentials? Do you know how to use it?
Now is the perfect time to learn your Embrilliance Essentials software! We will start the day
with setting the preferences, in Essentials. Moving on to discuss those icons, how and why they
are used. Our hands-on work continues as you learn to add lettering, resize designs, use BuiltIn designs and Built-in shapes, combine designs, import designs, and more. You will create a
label and learn how to save it! As we continue to create you will reinforce what you are
learning! Before class, please have the software downloaded to your laptop that you will be
bringing to class along with a working computer mouse, as it will make using this software so
much easier! If you need to purchase a mouse, I recommend a corded one. The batteries
never die on a corded mouse. Please bring a sack lunch or snack with you, we will take a short
break for lunch
Cost: $ 65.00