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Designer Program taught by Susan Manry                                   

In this hands-on class, you will learn to use a wide variety of Handi Quilter Designer tools. You need not be an artist to design using PSD; you need only be able to use a mouse!  Designer is the editing software designed to work with all long arm computer systems. Learn how to create and edit quilting designs and so much more.  You can create your own pantograph designs or bring in an existing design and customize it.  If needed, you can print out the pantograph if you don't have a computerized machine.  It will auto digitize for existing pictures.  It really takes away any limits to your imagination.  For those of you that edge to edge quilt for the public, it opens new doors to be able to "customize" your edge to edge easily at an affordable price.  MSRP $599.95.  During our event it will only cost you $399.95 plus the class is FREE if you buy before November 18th!   

You’ll learn the about the following, and more:
-The user interface and available resources
-Program navigation
-Using the drawing and editing tools to create your own designs
-Saving designs for quilting machine formats
-Drawing and designing from inspirations
-Using the auto-digitizing feature
-Repeat, Carousel, and Reflect Echo Quilting and Rays
-Designing with Artwork Using Trim, Weld, and Intersect
Cost: $ 100.00