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Foundations of Pro Stitcher part 2 with Susan Manry


Have you tried a few things with the program and you are thinking….there has got to be a quicker way to do this!!!  Well, there are many ways that Susan can help you maximize your time and learn the efficient way to get those projects quilted.  This automated system can quilt your projects quickly with the abundant edge to edge patterns included with the program.  If you love to custom quilt your projects, there are features in the program that will save you time since it will record your free motion designs and allow you to use them over and over.  This is an all day class that takes you through the most loved aspects of using a computer to quilt your project. This is an interactive Zoom class, bring your questions please!

Day Two: Moving on with HQ Pro-Stitcher Premium Six hours of instruction
• Working with multiple designs simultaneously
• Stitching Corners and Borders seamlessly
• Chunking the borders, or not
• In-depth Cropping: Inside, Outside, Start/End
• Setting accurate and effective Areas
• Custom Quilting and the Modify Tools
• Working with irregular spaces
• Using Move, Mark, and Record
• Special Homework Project
• Introduction to Pro-Stitcher Designer
• Ask the teacher: What would you like to know?
• Online post event video access – two weeks
Cost: $ 100.00