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Fabulous Feathers-Basic feathers class series with Jackie Brown

This series is for all quilters from beginners to advanced. $65 each class or $350 for all six. Even advanced quilters will benefit from reviewing the basics in class one! I always learn something new every time I revisit the basics. We will explore various types of feathers, discuss when to apply and where. Award winning Masterpiece Quilter, Jackie Brown will be your guide through all things feathers!
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Everyone loves feathers and stitching feathers can enhance the look of a quilt. There are so many different ways you make them look. There are whimsical, elegant, skinny, plump, you can use them as a background fill, you can use them on borders. There is no end to how you can make them. This class is for longarm or domestic machine quilters.

Lesson one will get you started on very basic feathers
Jackie will teach you step by step on how to create a feather design without a stem or backtracking.
-You will draw your feathers on paper until you know how they are made(Drawing on paper helps with the process)
-Next you will practice stitching them out on a quilt.
Now that you know how the simple feather is made it is time to move on to a feather design with a stem and backtracking.
Practice, Practice, Practice!! I will be watching and correcting as you practice.

One class each month for 6 months. Each class is 4 hours long! Plenty of time to practice, practice, practice together!

Class 1 Basic Feathers
Class 2 Echoing and Piggy Back Feathers
Class 3 Skinny Feathers and Branched Feathers
Class 4 Triangles and Wreaths
Class 5 Feathers on a border
Class 6 Feather clusters

Jackie is taking her knowledge and experience from years of award winning custom quilting and creating classes to take any quilter from where they are to where they want to be.  All you need is a desire to learn and a machine with good tension! 


Fabric at least 1 yd for long arm

top backing and batting loaded on machines

domestic machine quilters: at least 1 yd fabric for top, backing and batting need to be 2" larger than top on all 4 sides


Domestic machine quilters: quilting needle

paper/tablet and pens for doodling

Wave D Ruler for class #5 (borders)

marking tool (sew line water soluble marking tool or frixon pen)

***We are teaching feathers in this class. We will not have time to address individual tension issues or individual machines acting up.  There are situations where your machine might not be able to free motion quilt with rulers.  If you have not done any free motion with rulers we recommend you bring in your machine to try with one of our open Handi Quilter rulers.  Jackie is available for private Zoom classes on specific issues at a rate of $50 an hour. There is so much to learn about feathers and we need to stick to the curriculum! 


Cost: $ 65.00
Education with Jackie in person or Zoom. Pay to Quilt Mercantile-cash, check, or Venmo