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Collage retreat with Cathy Miller


Click here
for general supply list for collage project.

Click here for supply list for the Peppermint pattern.

I am so excited to be teaching this retreat and especially glad that YOU will be attending. If this is your first class, I suggest that you start with one of the smaller Laura Heine patterns such as the owl, hen, dog, cat, fox, etc. It can be overwhelming sometimes if you start with one of the larger ones, plus it will allow you to get an idea of whether you like the process. As with most quilts, it can be a huge time and financial investment. If you select a smaller pattern, the investment in both will be less if you don’t like this method. If you feel you may finish a mini one, feel free to bring a second one to start on.


1.    Pattern. Please let me know ahead of time what pattern you plan to do.  You can text me at number above.

2.    Obtain the supplies on the back of the pattern with this exception – if your selected pattern calls for VOILE, please purchase PATTERN EASE instead.

3.    Regarding the fusible to use – I am often asked if we MUST use Steam-A-Seam. My answer is always...You will enjoy the process better if you do. The pattern calls for Steam-A- Seam 2 but I prefer Lite Steam-A-Seam 2. Both work fine.

4.    Scorer – you can use a pin but I use a stronger needle like an embroidery needle.

5.    Good scissors – I prefer the Kay Buckley scissors.

6.    Alcohol prep pads – I get them by the box on Amazon but I’m sure you can get them at CVS and/or Walgreens. You will need them to clean your scissors every now and then. If you have something else you use to clean your scissors, that’s fine too.

7.    Divided Styrofoam paper platters – available at Dollar Store and Walmart. I can text you a picture if you are unsure what I am referring to or there is a picture on my Facebook page. I would at least get ten. We will use these for organizing the process.

8.    Applique press sheets and you may want to throw in some parchment paper.

9.    Pool noodle– for transporting your project. Not required but sure does make it easy.

10. 3-4 Bounce (or any brand) dryer sheets

11. Zip bags (you can use the regular kitchen ones but I buy mine in bulk from Amazon in miscellaneous sizes).

12. Depending on your pattern, you may want to collect and bring some selvages.

13. Thin Sharpie and pencil.

14. You may want to have an iron and ironing mat at your sewing station. Not required.

15. If you are doing a collage less than 20” x 20” (one of the minis), you may want to purchase a Fusimat (20” x 20”) as they are very easy to build your design on rather than Pattern Ease.  Please order this from Quilt Mercantile in advance of class.


·         If your pattern calls for a sewn background, please have it sewn prior to class and bring it with you.

·         Pre-cut some flowers and motifs ahead of time. Rough cut flowers, place on sticky side of SAS, place cover sheet back on it, iron, remove cover sheet and detail cut. You may leave some of the background around the motif just in case you need it. You can make things small but can never add to.

·         Draw pattern onto pattern ease ahead of time. Do NOT reverse it. If you have ANY questions about doing this, PLEASE CALL ME. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, you can wait until retreat and I can help you. If it is the owl pattern, no need to draw the tree. Please read your pattern prior to doing this step and follow pattern directions.

You will need LOTS of different fabrics depending on your taste. FYI – I have always used more pieces than she lists on the patterns.

If your pattern calls for “underlays”, these are fabrics that carry a color throughout a design in the background. Have some available if you plan to use them. Some people prefer to just completely collage the pattern. Pitfall of this is that EVERY piece of Pattern Ease will need to be covered – no holes. I can help you with that.

I always hide my name and year in my collages. I will explain how to do this during class. If you would like to do this, you will need some alphabet letters and some numbers (small).

You will need flowers/motifs in various sizes. Don’t forget to look for things you might want to use for any eyes. Half flowers and flowers on the selvages are usable too so don’t throw them away.

We will have a group discussion at the beginning of class to explain a few things that will help you avoid some pitfalls.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG. IT IS YOUR QUILT! You do not have to follow the pattern EXACTLY. It is a work of art reflecting your creativity! Enjoy it!

You can call or text me with ANY questions at 214.796.0447. I don’t mind at all. I also have a Facebook page called BECAUSE SHE SAID SEW that has some pictures of collages in the threads that may give you some ideas plus it has other sewing information on it. It is a closed group so you will need to ask to join.

Cost: $ 230.00
Price includes six meals, lodging w/taxes, & teacher fee