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Fabulous Feathers 2.0--Zoom class series

So, you already know how to make basic feathers... Now you want to learn how and where to place them on a quilt. This class series is for the intermediate to advanced quilter and will include lots of practice, practice, practice! Remember if you have a computerized long arm machine, you can make custom feathers that can be recorded and used multiple times.  In this four hour six month series, you will learn:

• Where and why to place particular styles of feathers on your quilt.
• Demonstrate placement on a block or sashing.
• Student will have a quilt loaded so we can talk about where to place feathers on the quilt


$65 per class or all six for $350

Class 1 Let's review all types of feathers and talk about different types of fabric that we will be placing feathers on.

Class 2 How to shape feathers to fit into a negative space. 

Class 3 How to make feathers into a background fill. 

Class 4 How to add texture and movement through use of feathers. 

Class 5 How to make a border look semi symmetrical. 

Class 6  Have your quilt loaded and we will discuss what type of feathers will look best on it and where. Whether your quilt is whimsical or applique will determine what types of feathers you use.  This will be wonderful to see everyone's quilts and all the different types of feathers we can make.

Jackie is taking her knowledge and experience from years of award-winning custom quilting and creating classes to take any quilter from where they are to where they want to be!  The first step is a desire to learn!  Jackie will demonstrate the skills and you practice on your machine with her guidance.  

***We are teaching feathers in this class. We will not have time to address individual tension issues or individual machines acting up.  There are situations where your machine might not be able to free motion quilt with rulers.  If you have not done any free motion with rulers we recommend you bring in your machine to try with one of our open Handi Quilter rulers.  Jackie is available for private Zoom classes on specific issues at a rate of $50 an hour. There is so much to learn about feathers and we need to stick to the curriculum! 



Longarm quilters: 


  • ruler foot
  • ruler base
  • wave D ruler for class 5
  • contrasting thread
  • pen and paper
  • Have your machine loaded with practice fabric prior to class 1. (30"x30" top, 36"x36" for backing and batting)
  • You will need a small quilt with lots of negative space for class 6. 

Domestic machine quilters: 

  • ruler foot
  • wave D ruler
  • quilting needle (size 14)
  • hopping foot attached to machine
  • contrasting thread
  • pen and paper
  • Practice fabric 30"x30" top, 36"x36" for backing and batting
  • Feed dogs need to be dropped on your machine.
  • You will need a small quilt with lots of negative space for class 6 




Cost: $ 65.00