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Fabulous Feathers-Basic feathers with Jackie Brown

Everyone loves feathers and stitching feathers can enhance the look of a quilt. There are so many different ways you make them look. There are whimsical, elegant, skinny, plump, you can use them as a background fill, you can use them on borders. There is no end to how you can make them. This class is for longarm or domestic machine quilters.

Lesson one will get you started on very basic feathers
Jackie will teach you step by step on how to create a feather design without a stem or backtracking.
-You will draw your feathers on paper until you know how they are made(Drawing on paper helps with the process)
-Next you will practice stitching them out on a quilt.
Now that you know how the simple feather is made it is time to move on to a feather design with a stem and backtracking.
Practice, Practice, Practice!! I will be watching and correcting as you practice.

Supplies included in class fee
Cost: $ 55.00