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We have known Jennie for many many years from attending the Dallas Quilt Show.  She has a bubbling personally that attracts many quilters to engage her in conversation.  She always has a very beautiful booth and awesome jackets that are made up and ready to buy.  Every year we would hestitate to buy a made jacket because we just knew that we could do it!  When you personalize your own jacket it makes it all that much more special when you wear it.  Click here to find informatin about  retreat.  We really want to get Jennie out to our retreat center.  Please let us know if you have interest in her retreat.  Here is a little information that Jennie shared about herself:

"I have been in business now in Arkansas for the last 25 years and attend several of the big quilt shows and several smaller ones.... seems I have been sewing all my life but have sewn in many places!!!  Born and raised in Kenya, E.Africa, educated in England, lived eight years in the South Pacific on Guadalcanal working for a Japanese fishing company and then had my own screen printing business, sailed to Australia and back on an American trimaran, moved to Hawaii, then Louisiana, a year in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra and finally ended up in Arkansas married to a man from New England!!! (makes for an interesting accent!!) So lots of stories to tell as we burn the midnight oil sewing jackets!!!