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Jackie is our lead machine quilting educator at Quilt Mercantile. 

Jackie learned how to sew from her grandmother. She was just a young girl when she would watch her grandmother, a professional seamstress, design and sew show gowns for famous stars during the 50s and 60s. Since that time, she has enjoyed using her sewing skills to create clothes, purses, and various home décor for family and friends.

Jackie started her journey as a long arm quilter in 2005 and since that time she has received many awards from all over the country for her quilting. She also designs quilting patterns and teaches long arm and domestic machine quilting. She enjoys sharing her techniques with others and watching them achieve their goals in the art of quilting.
In 2019 Jackie was awarded Masterpiece Quilter by the National Association of Certified Judges (NACQJ).  This is only the 35th award given since 1980! Jackie is one of only a few with this accomplishment that teach for the public. The quilt was pieced by Sally Brown(no relation):

"I'm looking forward to the future and what it has to offer. I will continue to quilt and share my quilting knowledge with others for as long as I can."

Jackie currently has several long arm quilting classes at Quilt Mercantile.  Click here for information.

Jackie has a domestic machine quilting retreat
on the calendar.  Click here for information.