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What amenities do you offer?

Our 4900 square foot facility has 9 bedrooms, 6 with 3 beds and 3 with 2 beds.  There is a dining hall, kitchen, cutting room, sewing room, and shower room.  There are two outside porches for relaxation after a hard day/evening of sewing.  The facility has central heat/air with 3 temperature zones.  The Facility has 7 toilets, 5 showers, and 4 lavatories.  Each very comfortable bed comes with linens, 3 piece towel set, pillow, bed quilt, reading light, and luggage stand.  Each guest will have their own personal sewing table with an individual ironing station and an adjustable sewing chair.  This table allows you to sew at a comfortable height.  We realize each machine is a little different.  Make sure to bring accessory bin or sewing surface to help fill your sewing table opening which is 11.25 inches by 20 inches.  Our sewing room has excellent lighting and a design wall around the complete interior perimeter walls from ceiling to floor. The shower room is equipped with a blow dryer and magnifying mirror.  Each shower has a personal dressing area and most have wall heaters.  Each shower has a liquid body wash dispenser.  Each vanity is equipped with a hand soap dispenser.  The kitchen is equipped with a commercial stove/oven with fire suppression system, refrigerator, freezer, commericial microwave, Keurig coffemaker, dishwasher, trash compactor, filtered water and icemaker.  We provide plates, flatware, glasses, coffee cups, bowls, and a few serving utensils.  We provide WIFI at no additional expense as of January 2016.
We have a wonderful independent caterer that is available for your group to use.  She is not an employee of the retreat center.  She charges $8 per meal and will work with you on what meals you want to be catered.  Let us know your needs.  The payment check or cash for meals goes directly to the caterer.  The is collected as you arrive and sign in.
We have a lady that is available to give massages.  She comes highly recommended and charges $15 for 15 minutes (this would be a chair massage) and $30 for 30 minutes. She has the option of "hot rocks" to be used during your massage for a additional flat fee of $10.  She will do up to one hour massages.  She has a portable massage table that she brings to our facility if you let us know that you would like her to be available during your stay with us.
We have Elna 3230 sewing machines for rent if you do not want to bring your own machine or if yours stops working.  Cost is $12.50 per day.  Make sure to reserve if needed.  We have a limited number available.

A two night stay is required and assumed for all pricing quotes.  Shorter stays may be available at times; however addtional cleaning fees will apply depending on size of group.
The maximum number of guests at The Facility is 24.  All guests must be listed on the guest registration form.  Signature is required on this sheet.  The minimum group size is 12 guests.  Double occupancy will be required in all rooms.  For groups less than 18:  If a guest requests an individual room, and it is available, a fee of $20 will be added for that guest.  Otherwise, excess rooms are closed and un-air-conditioned.

Pricing Per Person for retreat center:

Arrive Friday after 3 depart Sunday by 3                 $106
Arrive Friday after 10am depart Sunday by 3          $120 
Arrive Thurs after 3 depart Sunday by 3                  $153
Arrive Thurs after 10am depart Sunday by 3           $168
Arrive Mon. after 3 depart Thurs by 10                    $125

We accept checks as payment for the retreat center.  To keep prices lower, we currently do not accept credit cards for the retreat center payments.  Check should be made out to Quiltagious Quarters and mailed to:

PO Box 418;  Celeste, TX 75423


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to view and print contract.  We are excited to have you considering our retreat center!  Our contract is designed to answer all those questions asked by individuals.  We are very focused on you and your group having a great retreat.  We want everyone to have a safe and fun retreat.  We have designed our retreat center to best suit quilters.  The sewing room walls are design walls...completely.  You just gotta see this!  Your work space has ample room to organize and sit out your projects and accessories because of the "Quilter's Work Station" that we designed for each station.  We invested in sewing tables for each retreater so that at the end of a long retreat your shoulders and neck won't be so worn out from reaching upwards as on a regular table.  Come take a tour and book your next group retreat!

Refund Policy:  For retreats that are organized by Quiltagious Quarters, refunds are only available if you cancel within 60 days of first retreat day.  Our retreats usually include a teacher that charges a fee to come teach at our facility.  We must make sure to fill these retreats to cover our expenses.  If we are able to fill your spot then you will receive a refund.  If we have several that cancel within the 60 days, we only give refunds for spots we are able to fill.  We always do our best to give refunds if possible.  In the event of ice during your scheduled retreat, IF local schools are closed in our area or the area of the retreat group--we will work with the retreat coordinator to find another date or refund to those unable to attend.

For retreats scheduled by a retreat coordinator not associated with our facility, refunds are available if you cancel within 30 days of retreat if your group has over 12 people.  "No shows" or last minute cancellation depend upon group policies and the number of people in the retreat.  If the caterer has been told that an individual will eat then she must be paid for food she has purchased.   

Where & When do I send payment?

Please send check payments to :  PO Box 418   Celeste, TX 75423

$100 deposit is due as soon as you reserve your date.  Individual fees for the retreat weekend are due eight weeks before your scheduled retreat.  When we have a retreat that is organized by Quilt Mercantile or the retreat center, payment may be due sooner than the eight weeks.  Information will be sent to you for those events.
  To keep prices low, we do not currently accept credit cards as a form of payment.