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Retreat center is booked for a private group

Do you have one or more UFO project that you need some help with a skill? This Retreat is For YOU! Alice is coming to share her talents with you. Drag out those unfinished projects! You know, the ones you put away because you were stuck. Sign up for a retreat with Alice and get the help you need to complete those projects. Or just start something new. Alice has over 25 years experience as a teacher. She is an author, pattern designer and is very knowledgeable with applique, embroidery and crazy patchwork.

Cost: $ 225.00
This class is everything you want to know about Collage quilts. You can select any Laura Heine pattern and Cathy will guide you through the process.

Cost: $ 45.00
This retreat is everything you want to know about Collage quilts. You can select any Laura Heine pattern and Cathy will guide you through the process. Quilt Mercantile will make a starter kit that will be discounted 20% off retail if you pre-order and buy these products from our store. (pattern, pattern ease, Karen Kay Buckley scissors, applique pressing sheet, fusamat, & steam a seam 2)

Cost: $ 230.00
Do you love the intricately pieced patterns designed by Judy Niemeyer? If you do then you will definitely want to join us for this retreat with Judy Niemeyer instructor Eileen Urbanek. Cost includes instructor, 8 meals, and lodging. This will be a very fun and educational retreat!

Cost: $ 270.00
These 3 1/2 hour hands on classes are designed to start you with basic feathers with no backtracking, no stem, backtracking, and stems and will take you all the way to custom work with feathers as a background fill.

Cost: $ 55.00
This weekend is booked by an established group that has been attending our retreat center several times in the past. They have a couple openings and would love to welcome you into their "circle of friends." Send us an email for more informatjion. Cost to arrive Thursday morning is $153. Cost to arrive Friday morning is $120. With a group size of 18+ there is a bonus arrival of Thursday after 3 p.m. for $120. Meals are $9 each and the scheduled meals depends on the group leader.

Cost: $ 153.00
Two part longarm quilting classes with Jackie Brown

Cost: $ 65.00
Jackie Brown has won many ribbons for her long arm quilting. She has the same talent with domestic machines. Her basic machine quilting retreat has had much success. This retreat is a natural sequel for those individuals that have participated previously. If you are already skilled with domestic machine quilting join this retreat to move on to the next level. For those that are not beginners but have experience, you can pick to work on any project you choose or the sample pictured. You must have enough experience with free motion quilting, to learn this technique. This is very detailed stitching. Jackie has found a way to make your design look like it has movement and dimension with stitches. She will teach new background fills. She will also teach more about everyone's favorite "Feathers". How to enhance them by making them look like they have movement. You will also learn how to use them as a background fill.

Cost: $ 245.00
Longarm classes May 1 and 2 with national educator Megan Best.

Do you own a sewing/embroidery machine, but only us the sewing portion of the machine? Now is the time to start using the embroidery side and combining it with your quilting projects. During this embroidery retreat you will learn some basic information that will improve your embroidery skills and projects. You have asked for it and now you have the opportunity to spend three days with Brenda to work on your project. Maybe you have a project you have wanted to start but was not really sure what the first step should be OR you are in the middle of a project and struggling to finish. During this 3-day or 4-day period you will get assistance, advice, and suggestions to help you finish or give you the confidence to start your project. This is your chance to have Brenda assisting with personal projects.

Cost: $ 200.00
January 25th 10-4 for $45. No machine needed for this class! Pick any of the Cheryl Lynch Mini Mosaic patterns. Class will teach you how to create your unique mosaic. These mini quilts are a fun, quick way to use up batik scraps.

Cost: $ 45.00
This retreat is open to everyone. Come make new quilting friends. If participation is above 18 ladies--price will be $120 to arrive Wednesday 10 a.m. or after Below 18, price will be $153 to arrive Wednesday. We need twelve quilters to sign up for these retreats to occur. We have a minimum of two per room. If a private room is available, the extra charge is $35 total. Quilters really are great people! Join the group and you may find a new life long friend. Meals will be $9 each. Once we know arrival times of each participant, we will schedule meals with the private chef.

Cost: $ 120.00
Pearl of P3 Designs is coming back from California! This is an annual retreat that we hope to continue for many years to come. Weekend and weekday retreats are taking a waiting list and we will call as deadline approaches for last year's participants. Pearl come in June and October to teach off-the-block applique. Call or e-mail to sign up for. Thanks.

Cost: $ 275.00
Private group has booked retreat center

Retreat center is booked by private group.

The retreat center is booked for a private retreat. Please call us to book your own private retreat! (903) 568-8739

The retreat center is booked for a private retreat. Please call us to book your own private retreat! (903) 568-8739

The retreat center is booked for a private retreat. Please call us to book your own private retreat! (903) 568-8739

Private group has booked this retreat date

This group contains some of the original ladies that started us into the world of offering retreats. They came from all directions originally and now have become the best of friends. They meet three times a year. Sometimes we have a couple of openings so let us know if you would like to be on the waiting list for one of these retreats.

Cost: $ 185.00
Registration is now open for Jackie's Quiltworx Retreat!!! She is so excited to share her love of Quiltworx (AKA Judy Neimeyer) quilt patterns with you. At this retreat, you can work on ANY Quiltworx patterns and she, your very own Quiltworx Certified Instructor, will be available the entire weekend to guide and mentor you through the process.

Cost: $ 260.00